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Posted at — Nov 6, 2019

Team: Zack Lee & Wei Kang


“Don’t judge people by their appearances. ”

“Rabby” is a story telling about stereotypes. Giant people may have soft heart, while tiny people may have brave soul. For example, we usually think rabbit is tiny, cute creature and may take advantage of it. But it may change form into some giant monster. So we make this story: a cute rabbit find a carrot, but a wolf comes by and robs the carrot away. The rabbit gets angry and turns into giant monster and eats the wolf up.




We make the rabbit really small and cute. It has white color and shape in a ball.


We use the caramel color to make the wolf in order to match the whole scene’s color. And the wolf is about 2 rabbits height, and has hands and feet so it can rob the carrot.


Clay, wire, paper

Cannon 5D and Dragonframe

We use clay to make those characters. Because the clay is easy to be ruined by dust and bend, so we make some replaceable parts and prepared to use them to make stop motion.

For the wolf, we make a skeleton to make the movement more smoothly.

Sketch: rabby1 rabby1 rabby1 rabby1


For editing, we use our voice to make some sounds for rabbit and wolf. We want to make the sound very funny just like Pingu or Minions. We recorded the sounds follow the video and put it into Adobe Premiere, and make the rabbit’s voice more higher pitch and the wolf more lower.

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