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Everything Is Fine

Posted at — Nov 19, 2019

For this assignment, Emma and I created an experience while thinking about the question of sound as content vs context. When there is a juxtaposition between spoken word and the feeling of the soundscape or melodic elements, which part becomes more important in deciding the nature of our experience? When does the soundscape move from being context to becoming content, or does that never really happen at all?

The voice repeats the statement that “everything is fine”; it’s something we want to believe, something we associate with calm and meandering note progressions. As the note changes speed up and become more randomized, a second voice comes in, claiming that, more than fine, “everything is great”. Here, tone departs from meaning, and we are conflicted about what to believe. The speed mounts until finally, all tones fade out and only rain remains.

Our keywords for this project:

Calm — Eerie — Disjointed — Mounting — Comfort/Discomfort — Untruthful

Rather than being inspired by a particular project, this was probably more a musing on the aforementioned thoughts or questions. The desire to create something that is trying to convince you that everything is great even as things are falling apart may also have arisen from the inherent mistrust I have for robotic/pseudo-calming voices like those used in YouTube meditation videos that you’re supposed to listen to while you sleep so they can influence you to “better” your life. That whole thing feels so weird and dystopian to me, so it has probably affected what I’m drawn towards when conceptualizing an “eerie” experience.

You can find the project here.

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