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Final Project1

Posted at — Nov 7, 2019

Final1: Music Sequencer


We are going to create a hardware of music sequencer, which allows user to create music more intuitively by combining Ableton Live’s session view with the Elektron’s step sequencer.

The idea is to create a more user friendly and easy to use concept of live electronic music performance for musicians.


The current Ableton Live’s piano roll interface is not easy to control on where to put each notes on which timeline, because of the lack of external hardware controller for users to interact more efficiently.

Although the session view is useful, it allows you to arrange pattern with session, it’s not enough for musicians during live performance because of the mouse use.

Keyboard on the other hand, doesn’t have the display which allows you to see where to put the trigger notes.

Suitable approach is to combine these two features in one hardware platform.

Ableton1 Ableton2 Elektron


Pure Data and Ofelia library(openFrameworks, Lua) for programming audio and graphics.


3.5’’ touch screen

Rotery encoder

Raspberry Pi

Keyboard(pressure sensitive buttons)

Piezoelectric sensor(to measure pressure)

LED(for light for the buttons)


The instrument is designed as a rectangular shape.

Left side of the instrument includes the 8x8 buttons.

There will be record , play and stop buttons on the left side of the display screen. Top left side of the instruments contains knobs to control the sound.

Right buttom part of the instrument contains keyboard.

FinalIdea1 FinalIdea2

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