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Lighting up the LED

Posted at — Sep 20, 2019

This week, my goal was to make a creative way to light up an LED.
First of all, I needed a power to light up the LED so I used Arduino Nano IoT to get the power source. ArduinoNanoBack

On the back side of the Arduino board, I learned that pin that says 3.3V should be connected to positive(+) row on the breadboard and the pin that says GND should be connected to negative(-) row on the breadboard. Also, in order to use the LED, I needed to use a resistor to reduce the current.

So my basic scheme would look like the following:

3.3V -> resistor -> LED -> switch -> GND

And the following is the photo after making the connections except for the switch part. LightingUpLED

For the switch part, I decide to create a simple button that can light up an LED while it is being pressed. LightingUpLED The flat plastic board on the top is taped with copper foil tape underneath so the electricity can flow while it touches the square metal case below it.

The following photo shows the LED being light up while the button is being pressed. LightingUpLED

Although I built such a simple device, it was a great learning experience and I really enjoyed the whole process.

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