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Redesigning a Boarding Pass

Posted at — Sep 17, 2019

I redesigned the following boarding pass from Delta Air Lines. Original Boarding Pass Although the boarding pass includes all the information needed for passengers, I find it extremely difficult to get the desired information from it.

In order to redesign the boarding pass, I thought about how the role of the boarding pass changes over time on each stage of travel.

  1. When you get the ticket, you first need to check the boarding time.
  2. After the airport security check and duty-free shopping, you need to check the gate.
  3. When boarding, flight attendants will take the larger part of the ticket and you will keep the rest.
  4. On the plane, you need to check your seat number.
  5. After the travel, you might need all the general information as a proof of your journey.

Based on this idea, I decided to emphasize the three listed information in orderly manner and the following is my final redesign of the boarding pass. Redesigned Boarding Pass As you can see, the three information are put inside rectangles in largest text which makes them much more visible than others.

Next to these three information, I made the general information(name, flight, departure time, origin and destination) easier to read by putting enough space between each text and by nicely aligning them.

I found out the rest of the information is only needed for airport staff so I tried to make them as invisible as possible by showing them in smallest text and making them look like the barcode on its left side. I think it won’t be a problem for airport staff since they will quickly get used to it after some training.

Overall, I enjoyed the redesigning process and it was a great practice to think about how to effectively convey information.

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