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Posted at — Sep 12, 2019

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I chose the Forrest Gump movie poster because it is one of my favorite movies.

When I split the poster into 3 x 3 rectangles, I could see the main character is located in one of the four points in center which seems to follow the rule of third design principle. Also, the actor’s name and tile of the movie is located in one of the four points.

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I noticed that the poster has five hierarchy of elements that are movie title, main actor name, premiere date, short description and credits in order making the most important information (movie title) largest and the least one (credits) smallest.

I think it uses three typefaces: first one for the movie title, main actor name and the premiere date and the second one for short description and third one for credits. Within the first typeface, it varies in color (blue and red) and size and the third typeface varies in case and size. Overall, the three type faces vary in size, color, brightness and case.

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The four colors that are white, red, blue and brown are used in the poster. I think the reason white, red and blue color are used in the poster is because the movie is heavily related to the history of the United States of America. I think the poster tried to express this by using the colors of national flag of the United States of America.

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