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Expressive Words

Posted at — Sep 17, 2019

My task was to create three expressive words inspired by the following video.

The three words I chose were OXYGEN, SINK and TRAIL.

The first word I chose was “OXYGEN” because I thought the letter “O” can be used as one of the air bubbles underwater. Total 25 air bubbles are being generated in the animation including the letter “O” which is the 6th bubble.

The second word I chose was “SINK” because I wanted to try animating the word so it sinks into the water. As the word hits the water, it slows down the speed, slightly tilts towards one side and then gradually becomes transparent.

The third word I chose was “TRAIL” because I thought it would be fun to created a trail effect using the word. The word moves three times towards different direction creating an interesting trail pattern.

I used the typeface called “Harmonia Sans” for all three words because it has a perfectly round “O” which can be used as an air bubble in “OXYGEN” and I like the overall look of the font.

I created the animations using the visual programming language Pure Data and its external library Ofelia.

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